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Dirty Laundry Theatrical Production

Global WE has produced this one-woman play written and performed by Marilyn Avient. Taking aim at the stigma unfairly attached to those suffering from depression, anxiety, and other emotional disorders.  Dirty Laundry is an engaging, poignant and true tale about a serious health issue affecting hundreds of thousands of Canadians every day.


"Dirty Laundry is the most powerful performance I have ever seen!" ~ Jane Kuzik

"This is no ordinary piece of theatre, but a solo flight by an intrepid soul." ~ Garry Davey


Performances To Date

Sept. 12 ’09 & Dec. 4 '10 Nanaimo, BC; Sept. 30 - Oct. 4 '09 Sidney, BC; Oct. 9 & 10 '09 Whitehorse, Yukon; Oct. 13 '09 Dawson City, Yukon; March 18 '10 Banff, AB; March 21 '10 & Sept. 25 '10 Canmore, AB;  Jan. 31 '11 Calgary, AB; Feb. 4 '11 Edmonton, AB

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Sean D. Krausert - Keynote Programs

Happiness, Success, and Fulfillment naturally occur when we embrace what is . . . and align ourselves with our natural state of being.   

Author & Social Justice Activist, Sean D. Krausert, is available
for speaking engagements on matters of social justice in general
as well as specific programs based upon his writing.

Programs include:

Awakening to a World Without Walls

  • The conference room transforms into a model of the world;
  • Global issues are explored first hand within the model; and
  • Natural insights are revealed.

On the Edge of the Promised Land
(a.k.a. A Paradigm Shift Away from Paradise)

  • Individual v. Community - which is our natural state?;
  • Going from ME to WE; and
  •  The moral responsibility of helping others.

Groups, businesses, and organizations interested in exploring how they can adjust and adapt to the changing consciousness happening in the world should experience these programs.

Together . . . we can transform our world
and meet the needs of everyone!

For further information and to inquire about availability, please contact Sean directly at