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I am. You are as I am.
WE are ONE on this Earth.

WE are smart enough and rich enough
to address all challenges confronting OUR world.

The question is . . . do WE care enough?


Sean Krausert

PASSION - Promoting equality of all people while creating awareness of basic human rights . . . food security, shelter, health care, education, and freedom from fear.

EXPERIENCE - Somewhat of a modern day "Renaissance man" . . . Sean has been a lawyer, program director of an international aid agency, real estate developer, writer, professional improv actor, producer, child sponsorship director, workshop facilitator, an ordained clergy, and keynote speaker.

Sean has travelled the world learning from all walks of life. While lavish living in five star hotels is hard to resist once tasted, sharing a meal with the poverty stricken in a remote village is much more fulfilling. Sean has been evacuated from conflict zones; sipped tea with the wealthy; and danced with amputees in a displaced persons camp.  People are people, wherever you go.Sean Krausert - 2011 Peace Medal Recipient

WORLD VIEW - Despite firsthand knowledge of humanity at its absolute worst, Sean's travels have reinforced a fundamental belief in the goodness of people, our sameness, and our connectedness with one another.

For keynote speaking or to discuss new project ideas – contact Sean:

Sean Krausert


Janet Krausert

Janet Krausert, Director, Global WE InitiativesJanet speaks the universal language of music.

EXPERIENCE - An accomplished musician, Janet uses her music (and extreme patience) to assist young special needs children and inspire youth to develop their own musical talents. In addition to providing musical direction on many of Global WE’s projects, Janet is developing a musical program that breaks through the barriers holding children back from fulfilling their wonderful potential.

PHILOSOPHY - A firm believer of feeding the soul as well as the body, Janet has enjoyed providing music on retreats. By resting in the moment and rising up with the inspirational sounds of her flute, one is able to take a deep breath and regain perspective on one’s life and the world.

Contact Janet: